Cadet Reflections

The Senpai From Fresco And Pivoting My Life

«Dream big but with an entrepreneurial mindset.» This sums up what I’ve learned through the amazing 7-week internship with Fresco Capital and Garage Society, which has completely changed who I am and who I want to be.

Three months ago, becoming an entrepreneur — to me — was merely an alternative career path when compared to the traditionally reputable financial industry, especially given my major in business and just passable academic performance.

Little did I know that thousands of great minds around the world have been devoting themselves to changing the world with exciting and creative technology and ideas. I would say my internship was a journey that nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset is integral to any young talent who wants to make impact.

The first week with Garage was an inspirational start, conversations with «senpais» from different sectors in the Hong Kong startup landscape provided us Cadets with a big picture of the industry and detailed insights into key players within it. The way these entrepreneurs work really astonished me, just like what is going on everyday in Garage Society.

They not only grind away for their dreams together, they also create stories and exchange them with fellow workers in the co-working space. I see an age of collective intelligence, fueled and accelerated by passion and trust.

And then I met Tytus, my supervisor of the internship from Fresco Capital. Not only a supervisor, he has been more like a mentor who led me through the journey and showed me around at the garden of venture capitalism and startups. Even Fresco is more on the investment side of the ecosystem, it does not change the fact that Tytus thinks and works like an entrepreneur.

«Venture capital is a kind of investment that is not only for profit but also enhances innovation and promotes an all-around social progress. It’s similar to karate — good for both of your physical and mental health.» said Tytus, who is also a Karate lover.

I enjoyed working with Fresco because I appreciate its value and philosophy, which is fulfilled in daily operations with investors, portfolio and potential companies. The «people first» principle when they evaluate a team highlights how much the team matters when structuring a business and making it runnable in the long term.

I assisted Tytus in doing research and analyzing the potential investors and companies to be invested. I learned a lot about corporations' venture activities, due diligence, and how early-stage venture investments are negotiated, while considering diverse factors.
I have surely gained a lot of exposure to the startup landscape from the perspectives of entrepreneurs, investors, and students. The real invaluable part is the changes that have taken place in me.
I started thinking like a maker, with the pursuit of trying new things, instead of over-planning and being overwhelmed by the fear of stepping out of my comfort zone. I started feeling passionate about the stream of advanced technology and courses of thoughts that aim to shape the world into a better one. I started thinking that it’s more important «to make an impact» than «to work in a bank,» and being optimistic about our future because where there are entrepreneurs, there is change. All of these are about building up the entrepreneurial mindset.

I have to thank Garage Society and my mentor, Tytus from Fresco, for these 7 weeks, and how it’s been true «pivot» in my life.

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