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This Is Embarassing: 25 Words You’re STILL Spelling Wrong

If you caught the misspelling in the title of the blogpost, you’re among the minority in terms of being able to spell the word embarrassing correctly without spell check. We live in the Age of Spell Check, and while we may think that’s okay considering computers aren’t going away anytime soon, there are instances in our lives where we have to pick up the dreaded pen and fill out a form or write a card.

While studies have shown there is no correlation between intelligence and spelling, the fact is, you’re an adult and adults should be able to spell basic words correctly. Read on to see some of the most commonly misspelled words we use everyday, and be sure to keep track of your score and let us know in the comments below.

Aberration NOT Abberation
Using this word may be an aberration, but you still want to spell it correctly.

Accommodate NOT Accomodate
Double the c’s and m’s.

Acknowledgment NOT Acknowledgement
No need for an ‘e' when there’s a ‘ment'.

All Right NOT Alright
Sorry to break it to you, but ‘alright' isn’t actually a word. Face facts.

Argument NOT Arguement
Keep the ‘e' out of this.

Desiccate NOT Dessicate
Two c’s instead of two s’s.

Diarrhoea NOT Diarrhea
Somewhat distasteful, but this word is more often used than you’d think.

Fluorescent NOT Florescent
Break the word down as flu-ore-scent to help make it stick.

Genealogy NOT Geneology
The suffix ‘ology' doesn’t work in this case.

Haemorrhage NOT Hemorage
No shortcut to remembering this one, guys.

Hygiene NOT Hygeine
‘I' before ‘e' except after ‘g'?

Indispensable NOT Indispensible
There’s only room for one ‘i' in this word.

Inoculate NOT Innoculate
Is it just me or does the incorrect spelling look right?

Occurrence NOT Occurence
Another confusing spelling with two c’s and two r’s.

Minuscule NOT Miniscule
You might think ‘mini' here, but you’d be wrong.

Mischievous NOT Mischevious
This misspelling comes down to our wrong pronunciation of the word.

Memento NOT Momento
As fans of the film will know.

Pastime NOT Past-time
Save yourself the dash.

Pavilion NOT Pavillion
One ‘l' is enough.

Perseverance NOT Perserverance
We may say perSERverance, but that only means we’re doing both wrong.

Privilege NOT Priviledge
There’s no place for ‘d' in this word.

Pronunciation NOT Pronounciation
Another way that pronunciation has affected the spelling of a word.

Restaurateur NOT Restauranteur
There’s no 'n' in the correct spelling of this word.

Siege NOT Seige
Also — it’s weird, not wierd.

Supersede NOT Supercede
Supersede all your friends by spelling this word correctly.

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