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Stop Reading the News

It’s often aggressive and agenda-pushing.

Much of the media’s intent rests in capturing our attention through whatever means necessary. Also, 'all about money' agencies create content that takes a back seat to ads, and promote their brand of thinking, which causes 'unconscious bias'.

It’s not always reliable.

Just in: red meat causes cancer. Oh wait, it doesn’t. Yes, it does. Sound familiar? Additionally, the fast turnaround time for news due to the rise of social media means that much of what we’re reading has very little support.

It’s often trivial and repetitive.

What crazy statement did Donald Trump make today? Headlines like this distract us from focusing on what is really important, eating up our commute and lunch break. We don’t gain anything because it’s simply not real knowledge. It’s all about low quality vs. high quality information.

It’s depressing and not actionable.

While awareness is valuable, we have no control over much of the tragedy that does on in the world. It doesn’t serve us any good to surround ourselves with negativity. Rather, we should focus on our 'circle of control' instead of our 'circle of concern'.

Much of it is about peer pressure.

We need to find a balance between being plugged into important events that affect our lives and constantly checking the latest headlines. People who will judge you for choosing the former aren’t worth your time.

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