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Management Buyout - Growth Is Key

Garage Society has recently undergone a management buyout, and we’re excited to announce the structural changes that have been implemented. Firstly, we’d like to thank Edward Man of The Associates for his support during the launch-phase of Garage Society.

The new investor board and Founder Elaine Tsung will continue to support Garage Society’s growth both locally and regionally. We’re committed to our position as a leading co-working operator in Asia, and will continue to develop our spaces and services to help expand the startup community in Hong Kong and beyond. We set out to grow with our Garagers from the start, and we intend to continue to see it through.

The structural changes and promotions within the team are as follows:

James Bernardo will oversee the strategic development of Garage Society’s programming initiatives as Programming Director. He is supported by Marketing Manager Min Chen and Assistant Programming Manager Cheryl Mak. This team will work to enhance our software support, knowledge-sharing platform Garage Academy, and internship programme Garage Cadet — with more to come.

Our Operations Team is headed by Senior Operations Manager May Kan with the support of Assistant Operations Manager Winki Tang, and Operations Assistant Crystal Kwok. This team will ensure the smooth running of top tier services, and that Garage Society will always be the best home away from home for Garagers.

Membership Manager Deborah Wai will continue to lead membership sales as well as other member-related business development initiatives.

Be prepared for some more exciting news from Garage Society soon!

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