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Soundbrenner And The World of Wearables

With the Apple Watch just around the corner the world of wearables is about to take off and our good friends Soundbrenner are well placed to ride this wave with the recent launch of their Indiegogo campaign for the world’s first wearable device for musicians!


After gaining plaudits at Startup Weekend in Berlin their team found themselves incubating their product in Hong Kong at Garage Society late last year, the result of a successful application to hardware accelerator Brinc. io, who bridge the gap between software, hardware and services to offer entrepreneurs a supportive roadmap that takes them through the journey from incubation to distribution and sales.

Since then the gestation of this great device has been available for all to see over the last 6 months. Back in winter 2014 I came across Julian, Head of Hardware Engineering, fiddling with circuit boards and glue in our co-work space. As a musician myself the pitch for the product, a wearable metronome with haptic feedback 6x stronger than a smartphone, sounded like a great time keeping solution and it was amazing to see this early stage prototype evolve into the sleek, stylish product that is now ready for production that you can check out in their launch video!

The magic of working from a community like Garage Society is joining startups like Soundbrenner for the ride as their product concepts come alive around you. Members from digital marketers, to social media specialists and app developers all played a small part in this journey, taking part in the filming of the launch video, exchanging ideas and stopping by to check in whenever a new version of the product came blinking to life on the desk.


The Garage Team at the video shoot

Working with Hong Kong as an Asia friendly business base puts those wishing to move into the ‘Internet Of Things' in an ideal position to access the vast manufacturing resources of Shenzen before tapping into the shipping resources of Guangzhou and we can only expect to see more tech hardware platforms, from HK to the rest of the world utilise these avenues for production in the future.

With the crowdfunding campaign underway things are only going to get more exciting as the product moves through it’s final stages for mass development and what was once a lonely PCB board sitting idly on a desk in our co-work space makes it’s way into the hands and homes of musicians across the world!


The SoundBrenner Team

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