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The change to Garage Society

Since the launch of Garage Society, we always wanted to come in and work at this cool co-work space! (We = whole team of The Associates, investor of Garage Society). So every day we were trying very hard of making different excuses to come in, like boosting the business and client meetings, etc.

Since then I had been using my previous project, Hydroponics veggies, as a reason to crash this place often. However, the project was temporarily suspended due to the relocation of its production site. I was then told to help the host team for daily operations because of the manpower shortage. So I have been literally working at Garage Society without making any excuses anymore!

Garage Society Team

Beside getting my co-workers jealous, which I felt bad about (not really), I was so excited with my new task. From selling veggies to selling office space, I didn’t find many difficulties, especially after our internal sales training, where I learned the effective way to handle different client’s enquiries, and more efficient ways to help people find the perfect office space for their business. This has made me feel more confident and satisfied with this job.

Garage Society Community

What I love most about this place is that, through every person I meet here, I discover and learn something new, whether it’s the smart finance people, the sophisticated engineers, the talented graphic designers, etc… I am so thankful that I had this chance to work with the host team, they are all very loveable! We each have different personalities and different skills. We are learning from each other and also improving ourselves every day. Since the business and our community is rapidly growing and getting stronger, that is so inspiring for me, I have to prepare myself much better to accept the coming challenges!

~ GH

Hi! I'm May Kan

Operations Manager

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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