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10 Best Team Building Activities in Hong Kong 2021

The mention of team-building activities is very often met with a few eye-rolls and stifled groans. Team building activities, however, are important for companies of all sizes and structures - especially after a long period of remote working! 

While traditional team building activities often elicit more embarrassment than enthusiasm, doing them right can be an investment for the most valuable assets in your business: your people! Investing in team building activities will not only help employees become more engaged and happier at work, but also nurture a culture of teamwork with greater productivity that could result in the company’s success. With that in mind, we have put together 10 of the fun and exciting team building activities and games – from indoors to outdoors and from large to small scale – that your team would love and want for more! 


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If you want an indoor option … 


1. Laser Tag 

What’s more fun than letting your employees channel their inner action star against their colleagues in exciting matches? Not only is it fit for a large number of participants, the combat mode would also test the team’s strength, agility and teamwork while still maintaining a slight competitive challenge for the team to learn from. Check out some of these indoor battlegrounds:

  • Impact Force CQB - Large venues with unique themes including a dark museum with relics from around the world, and a classic maze with plenty of places to hide. Located in Hung Hom.
  • Resalaser - Got an eye on space near your office? Resalaser offer a 'Mobile Laser Tag' service to deliver the game straight to you. Based in Kwun Tong
  • Crossfire Arena - Not satisfied with just laser tag? Their Team Building package lets you choose up to three sports, including Bubble Soccer, Dodgeball, and Nerf War. Located in Lai Chi Kok.


2. Escape Rooms

Looking for a unique team-building experience? Escape rooms challenge teams to work together and offers the chance to flex creative muscles in a really interesting environment, rather than to simply talk about how to solve problems. Some of the popular Escape Rooms in Hong Kong include:

  • Lost Hong Kong - Lost has over 6 convenient locations across the city, including Central and Causeway Bay
  • Freeing HK - Freeing HK were the first to introduce escape rooms to HK back in 2012. You can't go wrong with their classic themed rooms! Located in Mong Kok
  • Sandbox VR - Escape rooms with a VR twist! They've got it all - zombies, puzzles, and a very realistic escape experience. Located in Tsim Sha Tsui

3. Karaoke   

Through the power of music, a karaoke night-out could help bring a group together easily without much organizational effort. Simply book a room and enjoy a good fun time through music and some drinking games. Karaoke is also believed to help relieve stress and lift the spirits. Who doesn’t like the relaxation flowing through the body after singing your heart out? Probably this is one of the reasons why karaoke has been so popular in Asia.

  • CEO Neway - A staple karaoke lounge for Hong Kongers. With multiple locations in Wan Chai, Tsim Sha Tsui, and Kwun Tong, you're bound to find one nearby 
  • Red MR - Also one of the most loved karaoke destinations in the city. It can be slightly pricier, but with a great selection of Cantonese, English and Taiwanese songs. Multiple locations.


4. Arts and Crafts Workshops

Arts and crafts are known for their ability to spark creativity and promote team morale. A burst of colours and crafty creations will surely be a refreshing scene for those who are sitting in the office grinding for 8 hours all day long.

  • Studio 83 - Get your team's creative juices flowing with some paints and and Art Jamming session. Central and Kwun Tong
  • Choco L’ART Studio - Offers a huge range of private workshops from Art Jamming to Candle-making, and Home Decor DIY. Studios in Wan Chai and Central
  • Touch Ceramics - Get in touch with your pottery and porcelain making skills! Private workshops are available at their Tai Kwun studio


5. Build Your Own Themed Events

If you want your team to work together from start to finish, organizing a themed event could be a perfect option, especially if the event is handled by the team from planning to execution. Rent a space for a day and you could leave it to your team to plan the team building games. From Egg Drop to Talking in Circles, you could have all these awesome team-building games to get your team bonding and work together better. 

  • Garage Academy - We have a wide network of professional partners plus multiple event spaces designed with flexibility and functionality in mind. Let us help tailor the perfect team building experience for your team!

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3 people hiking in the woods with the sun shining through 


If you want an outdoor option … 

1. Hikes

Fancy embracing nature while going on a little adventure? Why not organize a hike for your team? It could be an easy hike around central areas of the city or if your team is up for a challenge, you could always opt for a more difficult trail. Both Lady Clement’s Ride to Aberdeen Country Park and Wong Nai Chung Reservoir to Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir are just a short taxi ride away from the central business district. Do ensure that the difficulty level is suitable for every participant. For all the hiking trails in Hong Kong, you could check out this website


2. Junk Trip

If hikes feel too strenuous for some, book a boat and throw a junk trip with your team to bond and have a fun time together. It’s one of the best team-building activities you could have in the sizzling hot summer in Hong Kong. Besides drinking games like beer pong, it could also come with inclusive, fun extras like a banana boat or a speedboat for water sports. Some of our favourite junk boat providers for the summer are: 

  • Yacht Holimood - They have tons of packages and boat options. Choose to add on wakeboarding, banana boats, or even go squid fishing! 
  • Hong Kong Junks - Good old fashioned junk boats that can cater up to a team of 40 people. 


3. Water Sports 

If your team is more of an active and outdoorsy kind, look no further to water sports. From kayaking around the islands and wake surfing in the new territories to paddle boarding in Sai Kung or Stanley, there are tons of adrenaline-inducing activities covering every difficulty level that not only allow you to make the most out of the team-building efforts by perfecting your team’s trust and communication skills, but also satisfy your team’s thirst for challenges and adventures. 


4. Community Service 

Team-building games are great fun, but there’s nothing like a community service-based team-building experience that inspires empathy and kindness while bonding and developing teamwork. Organized these activities as part of your corporate social responsibility program, which could be held on a regular basis. We highly recommend:

  • The Hong Kong Cleanup - Join the largest beach cleanup organization in Hong Kong. You can choose to cleanup a trail section, or an urban city street as well! 
  • Crossroads Foundation - Get in touch to volunteer your expertise and streamline their resource redistribution process. 
  • Feeding Hong Kong - Make a difference and help provide meals to those in need, though their warehouse program or Bread Run initiative.


5. Treasure Hunt 

Take your team on a fun-filled adventure that will be remembered! Treasure hunt could encourage teamwork, build relationships and enhance communication among members! If you want all of your teammates to be involved in the hunt and have no time for planning, you could consider having it planned by others such as the Hong Kong Hunter which could help you customize routes for specific needs. 



Whether you are planning a workshop or a themed event for your next team-building exercise, Garage Society is your place- conveniently located in 4 prime areas on Hong Kong Island! Beside co-working spaces, we offer the perfect venue to organize all sorts of indoor team building activities. It also regularly organizes different types of events from art workshops to inspirational talks, not only providing a platform for better team connections but also offering an opportunity to network with like-minded members of our community. Check us out today to find out more! 


Note: This article was first published on 24 Feb, 2020 and was most recently updated on 3 Aug, 2021. 

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