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6 Ways To Support Small Businesses

The advent of user-friendly e-commerce tools has made starting your own small business easier than ever.

With so many people embarking on their entrepreneurial journey, we thought we’d give you a reminder on how to support small, local business owners. 

We encourage everyone to be conscious consumers - whether this means voting with your dollar for locally farmed vegetables, or writing a positive review for the indie coffee shop in your neighbourhood.


Here are a few ideas to get started: 

1. Shop local

Before you are about to place your next order on Amazon, Taobao, or Asos, take a step back and think again. Can you get the same items from a local store?


For example, by supporting and buying from a local boutique, the owner could hire another tailor or shopkeeper in the area based on this increased business. 


A very good example of this can be if you are supporting a local boutique and Not only are you helping the business bloom, you are also helping create jobs locally. 

Store in PMQ Hong Kong selling locally crafted goods

2. Be mindful when online shopping 

Yes, ordering from an e-commerce giant and receiving a delivery on our doorstep within a few hours is incredibly convenient.


However, it’s important to be mindful of the fact that many small businesses are driven out because they don’t have the resources to deliver. 


This is a reminder for you to go to a store personally when you’re able to, and not to rely on online shopping from big brands.


If you do however love online shopping, research and curate a list of local and sustainable brands and shop from them.


sign up for newsletter and engage with brands you wish to support on social media

3. Support them on social media or sign up for their newsletter

This is especially true for online stores! The power of community is something brands can leverage and turn into a valuable asset.


The more you engage with a brand on social media, the more exposure it will get across these platforms.


Plus, your vote of confidence through Instagram follows, Facebook likes, and newsletter signups is a great way of signalling to new customers (or even investors!) that this is a brand to believe in. 


leave a customer view to support a brand

4. Spread the word

A good review on Google or a personal recommendation to a friend can go a long way.


“Word of mouth” is one the biggest PR tools, so don’t underestimate it just because it doesn’t cost you anything!


Think about how often you might choose to visit a new restaurant because it has good reviews. Spread the word for businesses you believe in - it truly makes a difference.


buy a gift card and share it with friends and family  

5. Buy a gift card

Even if you don’t plan on using the gift card right away, the revenue from gift card sales could be a huge help to a small business’s bottom line.


Alternatively, take “word of mouth” one step further and offer the gift card to your family and friends. 


frontline service industry workers cashiers f&b

6. Show Grace and Patience

While we are starting to see a recovery in business since the hardest hits of the pandemic, the hustle is far from over.


Many small businesses are still finding it very difficult to stay afloat while it recovers from months of lost revenue and understaffing.


We hope that we can all show some extra patience, grace, and empathy, especially if service seems slower than normal.


They are doing their best to show appreciation for their customers, and provide the best service they can. 


Garage Society Sai Ying Pun Pop Up store


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