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Mastering Wine in Social Settings

Get “Wine Wise” to Up Your Networking IQ, Confidence & Social Savvy!

Wine and social settings go hand-in-hand. But do you get tongue-tied when it comes to ordering, discussing and enjoying wine in a social setting? Mastering Wine in Social Settings is for you! Learn about acidity, sweetness and tannin; understand how to evaluate wine quality; and get the lowdown on picking wines to suit the food and occasion, and more! 



  • Understand common wine terminology, and how to use it correctly
  • Discover the key characteristics of wine flavors and wine quality
  • Learn basic principles of food and wine pairing 
  • Get expert “wine bluffing” tips, to ensure you’re never stuck for words
  • Brush up on wine etiquette so you’re the perfect host or guest


Mastering Wine in Social Settings 

  • Date : 19 Mar 2019
  • Time : 7:30-9:30pm
  • Target Audience : 15 Pax 
  • Speaker : Jack Cheung (TBC) 
  • Venue : Garage Society - Central 



  • Basic wine knowledge (Acidity, sweetness, tanning, tongue, nose & aroma) 
  • Social tasting manner 
  • Food pairing principle 
  • Blind tasting 
  • Discussion & Presentation 


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