Garage Society
Garage Society offers flexible workspaces to help individuals and businesses work to their strengths. Whether it’s hot desks, private offices, or custom spaces, we’ve got a WorkStyle solution for you.
Garage Society is home to a community of corporates, startups, and entrepreneurs - bringing people, ideas and opportunities together. Our network helps businesses collaborate, network and grow across the region and beyond.
The Garage Way

Our community-centric approach focuses on a blend of Place, Programs and People to create a culture that is unique to us.


Through an inspiring mix of events, workshops and webinars, our curated programs bring together diverse perspectives to leverage the power of learning. Sign up to our fortnightly Academy Newsletter to stay in the loop!


From our workspaces, event venues, and online community Garage Commons, there’s a place for you to collaborate and make new connections.

At Garage, we embrace individuality while sharing values to do better for ourselves and our communities. We see ourselves as catalysts for change, helping businesses and individuals grow.
At Garage Society, we bring ideas and opportunities together by connecting like-minded people together. Our communities include startup ecosystems, social enterprises, corporate partners and our regional member network, Garage Commons.