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5 Simple SEO Solutions To Improve Your Website Ranking

Google accounts for over 200 factors when ranking website on their algorithm. We're going to introduce 5 factors you can easily implement as part of your website's SEO optimization strategy. 


Author: 4HK, Digital Marketing Agency

1. Frequent Page Updates & Avoid Broken Links 

As the Google bots crawl through your website, one of the items they'll will check on is the 'freshness' of the website. This means they'll check how often pages and text are updated - the more often the better.


They'll also check whether the links of your website are still valid and working. More valid links suggest greater authority for the source of your backlinks, and is also measured as a criteria in how well your website is managed and updated. Too many broken links suggests that the site is abadoned and poorly maintained! Which will have negative consequences for the over quality rankig of your website.

2. Mobile-Friendly 

google ranking of mobile friendly websites are boosted
Source: Roberto Cortese vis Unsplash


Over the last decade, It's become increasingly popular to browse websites on mobile devices rather than desktops.

Since 2015, Google has placed a lot of emphasis on considering the mobile accessibility of your website when it comes to tanking. In fact, it's such an important factor, that there's a term for this seach engine algorithm update: 'Mobilegeddon'.

With the Mobilegeddon update, Google is essentially saying that all reputable and trustworthy websites should have responsive, mobile-friendly interfaces. Your website ranking will take a huge hit if it's only desktop friendly! 

3. Page Categorization

clear page categorization and organized site maps is important for seo ranking
Source: Carmen Murillo via Getty Images
Organising pages into clear categories is very important in terms of both user experience and relevancy. By giving specific category names and placing relevant pages and contents under the same categories can increase the level of relevancy.
When a user browses through your website, the clear categories can facilitate the navigation process and thus create a smoother experience for the users. 

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4. References & Sources 

citations and backlinks improve the authority score of your website quotation marks


If your website has blog articles or any other long-form content, you will be familiar with the practice of citing other website as the source of your information.


By ensuring proper citations and redirect links to those sources, your website will have more quality backlinks, thus improving your website's authority score. The higher your authority score, the higher your overall ranking! 

5. Positive Link Velocity 

growth flower chart positive link velocity is important for seo ranking
Source: Edward Howell via Unsplash


Link velocity refers to the speed of how quickly a site gains or loses links in or to their website. The faster you gain more links to your website, the better the link velocity.


In other words, having a positive link velocity also means that your website's backlink profile is growing stably. As you establishes a good backlink profile, it infers that your website is on a positive track and potentially increasing your website's authority score.


Note: This article has been edited for length and clarity

The Verdict 

We only covered 5 of the simpler ones and there are still hundreds of SEO factors that could significantly influence your website ranking!


If you want to learn more about the other factors or you want to dig deeper and implement other measures to improve your website, look for a professional digital marketing agency that could learn your needs and provide the most suitable SEO strategies for your website. 

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