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5 Ways Life Coaching Can Change Your Life (and How to Get Started with a FREE Session)

In the past couple of decades, life coaching has emerged as a widely known profession. Life coaches, broadly defined, work with individuals to identify and address challenges and opportunities in their life from an unbiased point-of-view. The issues they work through can concern relationships, career, family, or anything else that’s hindering the person’s quality of life.

An alternative to psychotherapy (although it can work alongside it), life coaching prominent advocates who are leaders in the sporting, entertainment, and - of course - startup worlds. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as having someone to support in personal growth, emotional ups and downs, and decision-making is immensely helpful for entrepreneurs and those with hectic lifestyles. All in all, the purpose of a life coach is to help you reach for and obtain more positive results in your life, whatever that may be. Still not sold? Read on as we share some of the science-backed benefits of having a life coach, and keep reading to the end to see how you can try it out yourself.


In today’s fast paced world, everyone has their own schedules and priorities. So much so it’s sometimes difficult to find time for ourselves, much less other people. By working with a life coach, the attention is solely placed on you, and your aspirations and dreams. Rather than looking at this from a self-indulgent perspective, it’s better to look at it as giving yourself the space for personal development. By rising above all the noise we face with societal, familial, or peer pressure, are we able to truly consider what’s important, so we can go further than we expected.



A life coach will never tell you how to live your life, but will instead guide you to make the decisions that will benefit you the most. While this may come easy to some, identifying what you want out of life or what your goals are can be difficult. Think about it like this: how many times have you wanted something in life, only to feel nothing once you’ve obtained it? Life coaches can help you explore your true desires by asking you the right questions and getting back to basics - all the while having the objectivity to explore what makes you happy irrespective of your entire background. Once you have clarity as to the direction you want to go with in your career, relationship, or life, everything else will follow.



One of the most important roles a life coach fills is making sure you stay accountable to your goals. Much of this involves setting obtainable or realistic goals and timelines, and understanding your motivations or what inspires you, which ultimately is what will keep you going. The simple act of having to tell someone about your goals can significantly increase the likelihood you’ll achieve it because a lot of the time, we desperately want to achieve the goal, but are unable to identify what’s holding us back. By taking in the bigger picture, a life coach can know when to push you to persevere and go beyond your comfort zone.



Objectivity is important in so many aspects of our lives, and personal development is no different. We receive input from people we care about, but its impact can sometimes be lost. This is not to say that we don’t respect their opinions, but if it’s something we’ve heard before, then we're less likely we’ll act on it. For example, your parents may have been telling you to go for your dream job for some time, but your doubts about your ability have held you back, so you’re unlikely make a change out of the blue. But hearing the same thing from a life coach may be the catalyst to push you to finally quit your current job. By dissecting how realistic such a change would be, a life coach can offer you the objectivity those close to you can’t.



While life coaching is very different from therapy or counselling, it can have the same effect in terms of helping you through tough times. Rather than taking a psychoanalysis approach, life coaches focus on how you navigate obstacles, so you can continue to move forward and make positive changes in your life. Their job is to listen to what’s making you feel stuck on a certain issue, and giving you the resources to change course. In this way, they also serve to support your emotional needs by showing you that there’s a way out of your struggles, whether it’s letting go of a toxic friendship or adopting a new work schedule more suited for your lifestyle.


Want to try out a life coaching session? You’re in luck! Garage Academy has teamed up with Mac Ling, Executive Coach and Managing Partner of Coaching Collective, to bring you The Journey - a structured group coaching session to help you achieve an important personal goal within a 6-week time frame. The initial cohort will be limited to 6 people to ensure enough personal time is given to each participant, so spaces will be filling up fast!


Garage Sheung Wan: 19F, 299 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan
23 January 2018, 7 - 9 pm To find out more or

REGISTER: bit.ly/CoachingCollective



I'm inviting you to sit down with me for a free 1-hour deep coaching session to see the possibilities of transforming something (or things) in your life.  This is not a complimentary teaser session; I'm committing to a full 1-hour session with you to dive deep into whatever it is you would like to examine about your life.  

You bring the topic. Nothing is off limits; we can discuss anything in your work or life. I’ll bring the coaching, hiding nothing and holding nothing back. Together we’ll have an unforgettable, life-changing conversation.  

No gimmicks. No strings. No pressure. No long term commitments. No sales pitch. No bullsh*t. Just me and you, sitting down for a conversation focused around anything you'd like to talk about. 

There's just one requirement from me: To accept this invitation, you must commit to showing up to your session fully present—100% invested with your time & energy—and with a willingness to explore wherever the conversation leads. This experience is about your participation, and participation equals value. 

MANY PEOPLE HAVE TOLD ME THEY NEED COACHING. But where coaching becomes truly powerful is when people WANT coaching.  This is your change to work on a goal or challenge with someone, whose gift as a coach is to help you connect-your-dots and see things you can’t, or to experience high-intensity coaching with someone who believes you are fully capable of creating what you most desire in life.

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