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Brain Food Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

I started listening to Podcasts a couple of months ago, and I think it’s apt to say my life's been transformed. Transformed to the point where it might be time to cancel my Spotify subscription. Yeah. There’s a Podcast for any mood, any situation, any obsession. The best part: you feel that your time being spent more productively, as you learn a little something during your commute or 30 minutes on the treadmill. I’m excited to be sharing some of my favourite Podcasts as of late. While they may appeal most to time-crunched entrepreneurs, I hope there’s a something for everyone on this list.


Foundation– Features in-depth profiles of successful entrepreneurs from Elon Musk to Jamie Oliver.The Tim Ferriss Show– Famed author of “The 4 Hour Work Week” dives into the Podcast world with much success.Mixergy– Entrepreneur stories hosted by Andrew Warner, who has experience building a successful multi-million dollar company.

WHEN YOU WANT TO LEARN Podcast Network– Engaging discussions about business acceleration through digital marketing.PNR: The Old Marketing– Essentially the only source you need for content marketing trends.Perpetual Traffic– For any business leader who wants to delve into the ins and outs scaling paid traffic.The Growth Show– Growth hacking for businesses, teams, and ideas - hosted by the minds behind the reputable marketing platformHubSpot.


Product Hunt– Great Podcast from a great platform, and very relevant for VCs and fellow founders.Back to Work– A refreshing take on our career choices with helpful productivity tips mixed in.Freakonomics– Writers of the global phenomenon sit down to expose “the hidden side of everything.”


RadioLab– The world of science and its findings explained to us laymen, with intriguing titles like "The Rhino Hunter" and "Nazi Summer Camp."The Cracked Podcast– Everything you’d expect from your favourite humor platform, with topics like “Ways America Was Shockingly Evil Very Recently” and “Great Ideas Nobody Uses Correctly Anymore.”Stuff You Should Know– As the name suggests, this Podcast explores offbeat topics like "Futurology" and the "Satanic Panic."


This American Life– Stories of everyday people that reflect fragility of the human condition paralleled with the strength of spirit.


Serial– One that needs no introduction, as it was the catalyst for the Podcast Renaissance.

The Message– A high-production fictional story that feels like your favourite binge T.V. show.

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