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Building Work Relationships: Enhancing Communication in the Workspace

Any good business environment requires healthy open communication. So why is communication so important in improving work relationships? In a professional setting, relationships with colleagues, clients, key stakeholders, and business partners are vital to success, and these relationships, like any, are built on mutual trust, respect and open communication. In addition, fostering an open-door policy in your business environment is a great way to boost productivity, increase collaboration, company morale, diversity and inclusion for your employees. Read on to find out the best five strategies for enhancing communication in the workspace. 

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1. Team Building Activities 

Build an open door policy by building on your relationships with colleagues first. Schedule a time for regular team building activities that will not only boost productivity and collaboration but also allow your colleagues to feel more comfortable within a professional setting. Whether it’s team yoga every Saturday, or a more hands-on practical scavenger challenge, it’s important to get active when it comes to your work relationships. So what are you waiting for? Reach out to local venue providers or event planners for a team-building activity that will transform your work culture! 


2. Apologize With Integrity! 

There will be no shortage of mistakes, mishaps or miscommunication when you’re forging business connections. So when the time comes, and you’ve made a mistake, you should own it! Apologize to the relevant people with a heartfelt email or gesture in person, and promise to make amends and look forward to learning from these mistakes together. There is nothing quite like an honest, down to earth and genuine culture you can foster among colleagues. In fact, apologizing and admitting to mistakes establishes an environment where responsibility, trust and open communication is valued and encourages your colleagues to do the same. 


3. Listen well! 

It’s an old form of communication in the workspace that is easier said than done. But a good business leader and mentor always listens well to his or her colleagues. Show your appreciation for your colleagues’ time and effort. Schedule meetings and face to face interaction to give them your undivided attention. Don’t put people down and be there to support them, listen to them and guide them through challenges and struggles. And that includes not checking your phone or plugging in during an important meeting when others are talking! Keep in mind that every colleague’s behaviour, both professional and personal, influence the way business is conducted in the workspace, so do maintain eye contact and offer your full attention to those around you. 


4. Ask Away 

Miscommunication is commonplace in business. Where possible, seek clarity and direction in work relationships, by asking questions, however uncomfortable it may seem at the time. Whether it’s asking questions to clients and customers or requesting clarification from other collaborators and business partners, understanding both parties and being on the same page will set you on the right foot. It will also make you feel more empowered, confident and less flaky when it comes to getting down to work. Begin fostering open communication tactics by asking questions and clarifying the rules from the beginning. 


5. Be Respectful 

Nothing sets the done more than being respectful to improve your relationships with colleagues and enhance communication in the workspace. Take into consideration your colleagues’ personal circumstances. Maybe your coworker is going through a tough time or has just started a family. Either way, be respectful and mindful of everyone’s point of view and understand where they are coming from. Body language, the way we verbally communicate with triggering words can all be changed for the better. Instead of avoiding conflict or sweeping issues under the rug, try to approach people in constructively with a positive outlook. 


Communication in the workspace is, without a doubt, the essentials for a thriving business. Interested in finding a physical space to work? Garage Society is the perfect solution. Coworking space in urban hubs like Wan Chai, Sheung Wan and Sai Ying Pun, Garage Society is centred on open communication and thoughtful connections, forging networks between entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Our coworking spaces are used by dynamic entrepreneurs, creative independents and freelancers. Click here to contact us for more queries and more information about Garage Society!


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