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Creativity matters: Empowering children through photography

At Garage Society we believe imagination — the capacity to create and evolve — is crucial to how we operate, create opportunities for our members, and find new paths to grow.

As the world adapts, problems aren’t getting simpler, with today’s challenges requiring a more creative approach. From childhood, we’ve been taught that creativity is for some people, or that it’s something you lose as you grow older.

As part of our Impact Month, we sat down with Gladys Soh, photographer and founder of Gosh! Kids to discuss why creativity matters, its impact, and her passion for keeping children creative.

GS: Tell us your journey to becoming an accomplished photographer as well as the founder of Gosh! Kids.


Gladys: I started off as a freelance illustrator in my youth. Photography to me then was just another hobby that I enjoyed during my free time until I met my husband (then boyfriend), Mathieu. He was interested in Photography but knew very little, so we would go on dates and I would teach him how to use the camera. Soon after, it became something that we enjoyed doing together. 


We got lucky and were featured by Instagram & Apple, and then subsequently got engagements from other big brands. It was those experiences that empowered us to start taking our photography more seriously. From then on, we decided to take on more commissioned projects together as a couple and there, and so our photography journey began.

Gosh! Kids began as a dream of mine from a young age. I’d always hoped to one day open up a creative school to nurture children through the creative arts. I eventually made the bold step. It definitely took lots of courage and hard work but I am glad I am now living the childhood dream. 


GS: Creativity is often seen as an in-born quality. What does creativity mean to you?

Gladys: I have always believed that everyone is creative with the ability and potential to create! It’s IN all of us when we’re little. Picture this - If you were to hand a piece of crayon and a piece of paper to a 4-year-old, what would they do? Their natural instinct would be to scribble something, or fold the paper and make something out of it. 

Yes, everyone is creative, and we need creativity in every single part of our lives! We need it to problem-solve, assemble furniture, even in how or what we cook. 


“Train up a child in the way he and she should go, keeping with their individual gift - when they are old, they will not depart from it.” - a verse from the bible that I cling onto. I strongly believe that every one of us - yes, every single one of us - has the gift to create.  It is important to nurture a child’s creativity so they will reach their fullest creative potential.


GS: When working with kids through your photography workshops, what impact are you hoping to make?

Gladys: Photography seems to be a skill we typically considered more for adults, but we believe that photography is another creative medium that can empower kids to express themselves. Nothing is too big or too difficult for kids to explore and take hold of, and photography is one of them! 

We hope that through our workshops, kids will be empowered to tell their own stories, embrace different perspectives and see the beauty in the world around them.


GS: What impact has working with kids had on you?


Gladys: I love every part of this experience so far. Every day is always full of surprises. Every adventure with them is an inspiration. 

My kids have taught me to be a better grown-up and a better artist.  

They have helped me see the beauty in simplicity and not trying too hard. Whether it’s water droplets on a leaf or a puddle after the rain, there can be so much beauty in it. 


GS: Any tips on how we can harness creativity and practice it?

Gladys: Embrace the inner child in you, dare to be silly. Dance with the wind, and be confidently you! ;)


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