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Donation Drive to Turkey and Syria

The donation drive campaign has been extended - the new deadline to drop off donations is Thursday, 23rd February 2023.


Collection boxes are available at the reception of all Garage Society coworking spaces. Non-members are very welcome to visit the collection points during this time - all contributions are much appreciated! 

In support of disaster relief efforts in Turkey, Garage Society will be running a donation drive across our coworking spaces.

How you can donate

Method 1: Drop off donation items at reception by 5 pm, Thursday 23rd Feb 2023

Please note that all items should be BRAND NEW or in NEW CONDITION


Priority items:

  • Winter clothing for adults and children: Warm coats, rain jackets, boots, trousers, hats, socks etc
  • Shelter equipment: Winter tents, mattresses, blankets, sleeping bags, thermos, flashlights
  • Sanitary items: Baby diapers and sanitary pads

Items that will not be accepted

  • Liquids and combustibles, including sanitiser gels and sprays
  • Power banks


Method 2: Make a monetary donation to Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency of Türkiye (AFAD),

The AFAD is one of the preferred donation channels, as per the notice from Turkish Consulate in Hong Kong.


What will happen to your donations

All donations will be packed and made through Crossroads Foundation - a leading global non-profit that's based in Hong Kong, and a long-time member of Garage Society.

Other ways to support the humanitarian campaign

You can learn more about how to support disaster relief efforts by referring to this announcement from the Turkish Consulate in Hong Kong.


Thank you to everyone in advance. All contributions are welcome! 

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