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Dear The Public, With all the new technology that's out and about these days, how is it that people can stay on top of the latest trends?!?

Dear The Public, With all the new technology that's out and about these days, how is it that people can stay on top of the latest trends?!? I find it hard to keep updating my iPhone, let alone scour the web, magazines, articles, blogs, websites, etc. to read up on and learn about what the 'latest', 'hottest', 'newest' tech out there to date.

Technology Overload

It's hard enough to keep track of the people in my life and what's new with them! :D  Working at Garage Society  has opened my mind to this tech world that everyone seems to live in now a days.  Seriously, everyone is on their phone, all the time. -_- Ok, except when they're sleeping...but even then there's app to track your sleep etc.  So I think it would be beneficial to just have handsets inserted into your hand, it'll save a lot of time digging through your purse or searching your flat for it!  Going out to dinner, a movie, for a run, everyone is somehow connected.

Technology Community

What happened back when we didn't have cell phones?  People had to make a commitment and stick with it, or give advanced notice of a cancellation or change.  Now everything is instantaneous, right at your fingertips.  This is useful as well (how many times have I gotten lost, only to be saved by the wonderful Google map app?!)  But I think people also need to disconnect, take some time alone, and relax or meditate or just 'shut down' for a little bit.  We're only human, not electronic!


So chill out, calm your mind, and breathe for an hour or two ;). Have a great weekend everybody!! ~ ENK

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