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How to spice up your work environment with some art inspiration!

We discuss the benefits of artwork around the workplace! How a colorful and vibrant working environment can help creative thinking, communication, and more!


We often appreciate art for aesthetics, but the true value of art does not just stop at sensuous pleasure. When you are stuck in a creative block or a spell of low motivation, an unusual artwork that comes into your sight when you tilt your head up from your computer screen, could ignite that spark of creativity and perk up your mood.


Art inspiration in the work environment can actually boost productivity, reduce stress and improve wellbeing. A series of studies showed that employees who have more say over the design and layout of the office are not only happier and healthier, but they are also about 32% more productive. Another survey of more than 800 employees working for 32 companies throughout the U.S, with art collections in their work environment, also highlighted the importance of art in the workplace. Citing stress reduction (78% agreed), creativity-boosting (64% agreed) and self-expression encouragement (77% agreed) as some of the benefits.  



Art doesn’t just talk through colors and strokes; it also makes everyone talk. Art is a universal topic for the heart and mind, often followed by varying opinions and active discussions which inject dynamism into a bland corporate space. 


Hanging photographs and paintings of peaceful, natural settings in the office will make employees feel more content and create a general sense of calm. Similarly, art pieces can add personality to space which can be turned into a gathering place for employees during breaks. 


If people are constantly encouraged to share their opinions and listen to others’ in an amicable environment, they would feel a greater sense of belonging to the company, which in turn enhances morale and productivity. 


To level up the art game, start with selecting art collections that could encourage even more discussion and strengthen the bonds among employees. Put together a small committee of five or six people to select art for the common areas. Benefits could be amplified if more personal touches from employees are present. 



Art unlocks creative potential by bringing inspiration and refreshing a blocked mind. Academic studies (for example 1,2) show that being exposed to art not only helps relieve mental fatigue and restore the ability to focus, it also evokes inspiration. Momentary zoning out onto artwork in the work environment can trigger emotions, inner thoughts and learning, resulting in enhanced creative capabilities that drive problem-solving and business innovation. 


Art inspiration in the work environment can get people involved on a more intellectual level about innovation around the world and develop creative acumen which could be critically important to those in an ever-evolving working landscape.


Instead of renting or buying pieces of art, creating artwork by and for employees themselves could be a viable option. It is not only more fun and engaging but also budget-friendly. It does not have to be a whole art collection; it could be a part of the wall that allows employees to paint what they want to be seen displayed in their work environment. Active engagement and a high level of personal control would boost creativity and productivity.




Investing in art shows that the company values employees as people rather than human resources. More importantly, office décor is a form of self-presentation, reflecting the company’s values and identity. Art can leave a lasting impression on employees who see it day after day, creating a source of pride in one’s environment and mobilizing these sentiments into a thriving corporate culture. 


Also, artwork in the office has a proven role in improving employee experiences, as shown in a survey where 83% of people working in offices with art collections felt that artwork was important in the work environment. Of those employees, 73% also believed that their work experiences and perceptions of their workplace would be different if art inspiration were not present.


Art inspiration comes in many forms. But ultimately, it depends heavily on the ambience that is needed in the work environment for maximum benefits. If you feel your work environment is very strait-laced and you want it to be more dynamic, you could consider interactive art such as kinetic artworks and light installations. With some interactive art around, it could offer the work environment an ongoing sense of intrigue and engagement that boosts morale and reduces stress.



If you are looking for a good working environment with art inspiration around, Garage Society is your place. We breathe art into our work environment. Apart from the usual paintings and art pieces that decorate the place, we also hold special events, and workshops that are arts and crafts themed, to get your team’s creative juices flowing! Please feel free to contact us here at Garage Society for more information. We have 4 great co-working spaces in Hong Kong and 4 in South East Asia with a continuous expansion plan. We will be more than happy to invite you in for a site visit to find the perfect place to grow your business.












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