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Tips for Planning Business & Networking Events in Singapore

Looking to organize an overseas business networking event as part of your business expansion plan in Singapore? As an international business hub that houses over 30,000 global companies, Singapore is a popular destination for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events, or MICE organizers across the world. Not only a convenient and well-connected destination, it also has a thriving cosmopolitan feel and impressive sustainability initiatives, making it so widely loved by businesses and tourists alike. Take a look at the below tips to help you better plan out your business networking event in Singapore! 


1) Pay attention to the unique mix of cultures in Singapore 


Singapore has a unique blend of cultures and people – Malays, Chinese, Indians and expats from various countries – and so multiple religions and varied customs. Do keep in mind the customs of the nationalities when planning a business networking event. Language should not be an issue considering how widely used English is in Singapore. Do pay more attention to the food choices instead. Great food will make the event more memorable. Getting it right will be more so. It will be great to prepare a variety of local and regional foods to cozy up your guests.  


2) Double-check the permits and licensing rules


Organizing an event in Singapore requires some relevant licenses and permits, depending on the type of the event. If you plan to have your event in hotels, most hotels will require a Fire Safety Permit from the organizer before the commencement of the event set up. Or if your event involves some kinds of entertainment activities, you will be required to apply for an Arts Entertainment License. 


If you consider publicizing your event by displaying outdoor advertisement signage such as sky signs or electronic billboards in major business districts, you will also need to apply for a license. Click here to learn more about the permits and licensing for events in Singapore.


3) Make use of grants and incentives 


What makes Singapore an attractive destination for business and networking events is an array of generous grants and incentives provided by the Singapore Tourism Board. There is a wide range of benefits for organizers, including discounts on advertising space and airfares. Incentives are also extended to participants, for example, discounted rates on air and land travel arrangements. Be sure to check out the Singapore MICE Advantage Programme (SMAP) when you start your event planning! 


4) Pick the right venue 


We all know the pains in finding a good event venue, especially for an overseas event. Most of the time, we can only depend on the information shown on the venue website when a venue tour or site visit is not feasible. If you have a bigger budget, consider delegating a representative or planning partner based in the country to make sure the event venue will meet the requirement. Otherwise, do spend more time looking into the event venue’s booking condition and costings to minimize space constraints and unnecessary issues later into the planning process. Some venues in Singapore, for example, charge for every single item like Wi-Fi and power outlets. 


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