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Top 8 Productivity Apps That Help Increase Productivity! (To-Do List Apps)

Interested in increasing productivity as a freelancer or entrepreneur? Turn to these eight incredible, mostly free productivity apps and to-do list apps that you can use on your phones and laptops to motivate you to stay on track!

Garage Society, home to a whole thriving community of hardworking entrepreneurs, self-starters, CEOs and innovators, knows the importance of staying on track. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best eight productivity apps, including to-do list apps, that are efficient and convenient for everyone to use. From Youtube famous Grammarly, to apps like StayFocusd that block distracting websites, there are productivity apps that are meant for every kind of user, so read on to find out which one is best for you!


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1.     Evernote

Evernote is a productivity app that allows users to create to-do lists, reminder checks, note taking and archiving all in one platform. Compatible with Android and IOS and available as a Chrome extension, Evernote is the go-to platform for entrepreneurs, as it has many efficient features like screenshot editing and high-quality scanning.


2.     Grammarly

Don’t let the Youtube ads fool you! This spell check, grammar check application that can be added as a Chrome extension is the perfect tool for anyone, not just writers. From checking your emails to scanning important written documents, Grammarly is a free, efficient app that ensures your writing and productivity are never amiss.


3.     ToDoist

If you are looking for the ultimate to-do list app, you can not go wrong with ToDoist. ToDoist is the app that is perfect for the social media guru because you can categorize and organize your life according to hashtags you input into the system. These hashtags- for example #meetings- can be used to sort out different deadlines, project details or other discussions with teammates and collaborators. 



4.     StayFocusd

Are you one to procrastinate all day every day? Increase productivity by taking it one step further by blocking irrelevant or potentially distracting websites, social media platforms and video streaming links. Forget Youtube, Netflix or Buzzfeed, it’s time to get to work! With productivity app StayFocusd, you can block these sites for a set number of hours, or days if you’re feeling committed. If blocking scares you, StayFocusd also lets you set a daily timer for browsing on listed sites.


5.     Things

Increase productivity with Things, an immersive productivity and to-do list app for Mac and Windows. Its chic and user-friendly design will include features such as calendar events, categories and subtabs, checklists, to do lists as well as quick finds to help manage all important files and documents. Things is a worthy investment to declutter your life and organize your projects with your team.


6.     GoogleKeep

Don’t bother with paper post-it notes! With Google Keep, you can create your own digital post-it platform, when you easily add notes on your phone. It is an easy download and user-friendly productivity app, and also enables users to pin it down on the desktop or phone screen, making it a great additional to-do list app so you won’t easily forget important things and dates!


7.     Buffer

Check out the coolest productivity app in town called Buffer! This is the ultimate app for startups or technology and digital entrepreneurs who need a hand in social media management. It’s perfect for scheduling social content and pre-making posts for your social media platforms, so you can release them at specific times to your need. Optimize your digital marketing strategy and your social media game by posting at the most active times of day. Buffer is compatible with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so give it a shot!


8.     Cisco Spark

In need for daily reminders? Download Cisco Spark to have automated emails sent to you every morning, giving you updates, reminders and summaries of your day-to-day schedule. It will include a list of tasks that need to be completed, a calendar and daily snapshot of meeting times, as well as other projects that you and other teammates need to keep track of.


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