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What is Community?

Garage Society has been around for almost 7 months now...Happy 1/2 birthday to us!

Garage Society has been around for almost 7 months now...Happy 1/2 birthday to us! During this time I've seen lots of new faces join us and pass on through. It's great because most of the people that leave Garage Society are upgrading to their own office or returning back to their international company headquarters.  So what happens with all the interactions between these people that make connections and build working relationships right in our co-work space?

2 Birthday

We've built a community!  Webster's Dictionary describes  community as: " A unified body of individuals as an interacting population of various kinds of individuals in a common location".  Sounds just like Garage Society if you change a few choice words: "A unified body of entrepreneurs as an interacting population of various kinds of entrepreneurs in Garage Society".  Even though people come and go, we take the co-work space, and office, relationships with us and, hopefully, build something great together.  We've already had lots of collaborations happening in the co-work space!  It starts to feel like a family and our team cares about each Garager as an individual.

Co-Work Space Community

Since I'm from America, November is the month of Thanksgiving, a time for us to reflect and appreciate all that we have.  I'm so thankful to have a full co-work space with amazing entrepreneurs who are, mostly, willing to actively participate in our community!  The whole point of events we have is to build a strong foundational network for everyone to benefit from.  So far, the interactions have been great, and I'm happy to see people helping each other out. So dive right into our community!  You never know who you could help, or who could help you :)! ~ EK

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