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What Does the Office of the Future Look Like?

There was never a time in the past that is like today. Technology has evolved, social media has taken over the world, and more and more people are realizing that a typical 9-5 office job just isn’t for them. This may well be because their work environment stresses them out, or they want to adopt a more flexible lifestyle.  

The fact that technology has become so advanced means that many of us are able to do our jobs from anywhere that has an internet connection. And with this, the typical company and office structure that we once knew is changing, and may even become obsolete in the future.


The office of the future may not be completely defined as yet, but there are already many workplace trends that are leading the way to what is likely to become the new normal in five or ten years’ time.

More Sustainable


We are now more conscious of our environment than ever before, and businesses are already starting to do their bit to decrease their carbon footprint, reduce waste and have less strain on natural resources. Sustainability will be a given rather than a nice to have workplace trend, with employees encouraging company owners to improve processes wherever possible.


Creative rather than Sterile




When you spend so much time at work, wouldn’t you rather have a workspace that you felt comfortable in and that you actually enjoyed going to?


Boring offices are on their way out and innovative designs with creative areas to get your juices flowing are becoming more and more common for the workspace of the future.  Many well-known global companies are leading the way with creating incredible office spaces for their employees.


Some examples of these are.


  • Airbnb has working spaces that look like tents

  • Etsy has collab-friendly workspaces with greenery and comfortable seating.

  • Google New York has hammocks for chilling out


While these are all multi-million-dollar brands that may look like the inside of a mansion or holiday resort, the idea of making the office of the future feel more homely is certainly a good one. In fact, many companies are bringing in office dogs to help boost team morale and create a family feel among employees.


Telecommute, rather than Wasting Time Commuting


As the cost of inner-city living soars, having a home located near to your office is not always feasible.


One thing that many people regret about their job is the amount of time it takes to get there – whether that’s an hour or two spent sitting in traffic or waiting for buses in the heat or cold. By setting up a home office and telecommuting, you can get back that time you would otherwise be wasting and use it more productively,


Some of the other benefits of telecommuting as a workplace trend include:


  • Less overhead costs for the company

  • No commuting costs (public transport fees or petrol)

  • Not having to worry about a workplace dress code

  • Starting your day off in a good mood


Work the Hours You Want




When you have family commitments or other responsibilities, making things work around your 9-5 just isn’t always possible. By allowing employees to have flexible working hours, they can get the kids off to school, attend that parent meeting, or pursue other interests without having the stress that they need to be at their desk at the same time every day.


Coworking Anywhere in the World


With the number of people now working remotely, new coworking spaces are appearing all the time in almost all major cities around the world. These are being utilized by digital nomads and telecommuters that are looking for an office environment that has good internet, comfortable work spaces, and friendly and like-minded community.


Coworking spaces are also becoming more common with startup businesses who don’t necessarily have the capital to get their own office space and would like to be around other people to bounce ideas off. Spaces such as Garage Society tick all these boxes, and they also hold regular community events for networking and learning purposes that encourage innovation.


Globalization is happening


One of the workplace trends that has been talked about for quite a while now is globalization. This will have more effect on small-mid-sized businesses that are ready for change and innovation compared to larger corporations that will be less willing to embrace digital transformation. The office of the future will be all about adaptability, better efficiency, and more consistency on a global scale.


Want to see an office of the future?

If you want to see for yourself what one workspace of the future looks like in person, please feel free to reach out to us here at Garage Society. We have 4 incredible coworking spaces in Hong Kong, and another 4 around Asia, with more on the way. We will happily give you a tour and answer any questions you have so you can decide if a coworking environment is right for you.

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