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4 Most Common CBD Myths in Hong Kong

A brief history, how it works with your body, and the 4 most common myths about CBD. Written in partnership with Swiss FX HK.

What is CBD?

CBD is extracted from specially cultivated female hemp plants with low THC but high CBD content by several methods.

Swiss FX extracts CBD using the Isolate Method, then dissolves the extract in organic MCT coconut oil, making it easier for users to swallow.


Why is CBD legal in HK?

SwissFX | CBD Pets Oils Hong Kong | HKCBD Store – HKCBD STORE


CBD is extracted from the hemp plant. While it’s in the same family as the cannabis plant, hemp is the general term used to classify plant varieties that contain less than 0.3% in THC content- the compound responsible for the infamous psychoactive properties of marijuana. 


SWISS FX uses CBD isolate, which means they can extract CBD with zero THC, therefore meeting Hong Kong’s regulations and ensuring that it’s free from any psychoactive effects. Apart from producing CBD, hemp has many other practical uses including textiles, fuels, and cosmetics.


How does CBD work with your body?

Endocannabinoids are compounds that are naturally produced by mammals. They’re produced on-demand when our ECS (endocannabinoid system) detects any sort of imbalance in our body.


The ECS is a self-regulating system that responds to stressors in our body. It can affect many processes, including sleep, mood, appetite, memory, and reproduction.


Because cannabinoids (CBD) are similar to the endocannabinoids we naturally produce, the ECS recognises these compounds and allows them to bind to the native endocannabinoid receptors in our body. In turn, it can help manage a wide range of symptoms related to hormones and neurotransmitters, including dopamine, insulin and melatonin. 


A History of Hemp in Hong Kong and China

Hemp seeds in Chinese medicine

CBD is by no means a new substance - humanity has been using the hemp plant for over 500 years. Traditional Chinese medicine texts mentioned cannabis more than 2000 years ago.

Today, hemp seeds (火麻仁 & 大麻籽) are still widely used in both Hong Kong and China, to help relieve symptoms related to digestive health and menstruation. China is also the biggest export of hemp products in the world.

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The 4 Most Common Myths About CBD

CBD is celebrated worldwide for its numerous positive effects on the human body. Even animals can benefit from CBD!

There are many warnings and misconceptions out there, but don’t let those false claims dissuade you from trying what CBD can do for you! 


Myth #1: CBD will make you high

Swiss FX CBD Oils


False. Under no circumstances can CBD get you high.

This misconception stems from confusion about the hemp/ cannabis plant from which both CBD (legal and non-psychoactive) and marijuana (an illegal substance) can be derived. Marijuana is produced from types of hemp that are grown to yield as much THC - the compound responsible for its psychoactive properties - as possible.


Chemically speaking, CBD is a completely separate substance from THC, and CBD cannot create that high feeling for the user.


When SWISS FX extracts CBD from the hemp plant, their isolation method can filter our 100% of THC, making SWISS FX Oils and other Isolate Products legal and safe in Hong Kong. If you choose to buy from other brands, make sure it’s well-filtered, quality CBD!


Myth #2: CBD is a new fad of the health supplement industry

Hemp textiles dyed with different colours


False again.


CBD is a substance and as old as the hemp plant itself. Throughout our history, we’ve used help for over 6000 years across the globe, including the Chinese and Egyptians. Aside from practical uses like textiles, ropes, and nets, we also used hemp for its health benefits. Of course, our ancestors did not know about the substance “CBD”, but nonetheless, they knew how to reap its benefits.


We didn’t discover CBD until the advent of modern science in the 1940s. There is still a lot to learn… who knows what else scientists, doctors, and common users will unearth over time. 


Myth #3: CBD is illegal

Not Necessarily.  Many countries in the world have already recognized the benefits of CBD and made it legal.

Often the legality depends on the amount of residue THC in a CBD product, which is the case for Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, only CBD without any THC residue is considered legal. 


Myth #4: All CBD oils are equally effective

SWISS FX CBD Oils added to coffee


This also is a misconception. That is not to say that there aren’t many great options on the market, but as they say: where there is light, there is shadow.


Recently, with the increasing popularity of CBD, some ‘snake oil vendors’ see their chance to make a quick buck off of it. They produce cheaply made oils that may contain less CBD than advertised or could be badly filtered. If there is THC residue in these poorly produced oils, it could get you in trouble with the law.


It’s best to stick to a trusted brand that can provide certificates, and is already a well-known player on the market.


SWISS FX CBD Store in Hong Kong


SWISS FX CBD produced from CBD isolate is safe and legal since it’s THC and CBN free. The oil is cold-pressed, vegan and gluten-free with high bioavailability. Swiss FX’s hemp plants are grown organically in Switzerland that meets Bio Suisse’s organic guidelines.  Its also 100% organic, containing only natural ingredients without colourants or preservatives.

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