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The Garage Content Lab: a Podcast Studio for Creators of All Kinds

Looking for an affordable space to record your next podcast, interview, or talking head video? 


The Garage Content Lab is a nano podcast studio, supporting the creator economy of Hong Kong. It is powered by Argonauta Media, a Digital Storytelling agency for new media channels.


Keep reading for details about our soft-launch special price offer! 

What’s the Garage Content Lab? 

Newly built within the Garage Society Sheung Wan coworking space, the Garage Content Lab is podcast studio powered by Argonauta Media


How do you want to communicate with your audience? Podcasts are a great way to build your personal brand, create value for listeners, and connect more deeply with your community. 


The Garage Content Lab provides a platform for your to tell your story, celebrate your product, or share your expertise. We’ll help you record professional quality audio and video, that can be shared on any platform. 


What can I create in the Content Lab? 

We provide a range of video and audio services for creators of all kinds. 


The Garage Content Lab team specializes in social media content that helps you grow your reach: 

  • Audio-only Podcasts - Build a relationship (without contributing to listeners’ screen time!)
  • Video Podcasts - Most social media aren't built for audio. Engage your audience with video podcasts
  • Interviews - Put your own spin on it, a la Hot Ones
  • Talking Head Videos - Start your own Masterclass. Create value with testimonials and explainers. 
  • Voiceovers - Complete those final touches on your video


What equipment will I be able to use in the Content Lab? 

There will always be a Producer onsite to help you capture professional quality audio and video. Our gear includes: 

  • RODE podcasting mics
  • Canon cameras and tripod
  • LED studio lighting
  • Green screen
  • Table & chair set-up

I’m interested. What’s the pricing? 

So glad you asked! 


Enjoy our soft-launch special price offer:  Audio/Video Recording Package at HKD1,000/hour, with a minimum booking of 2 hours. 


This pricing includes: 

  • 2 pax Podcast recording OR 1 pax Talking Head Video recording 
  • Rental of the studio space
  • Use of audio recording equipment
  • A technician on-site to help you record professional quality audio


Produce high-quality files that can be shared on any platform. 


If you would like add-on service (eg. editing, and subtitles), please get in touch with our team. 

Contact us at [email protected] to get started. Happy creating! :) 

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