icon_hacks_b Created with Sketch. Garage Blog 8 Practices to Promote Wellness & Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace

Strengthen mental health in the workplace and introduce a culture of wellness and mental wellbeing to increase productivity, creativity, and employee happiness. 

icon_hacks_b Created with Sketch. Garage Blog Event Recap - Team Management 101: How To Manage Your Team Remotely And Effectively?

The following is a recap summary from our webinar on “Team Management 101: How To Manage Your Team Remotely And Effectively?” which was hosted on March 12, 2020. You may watch the recording of the event here

icon_hacks_b Created with Sketch. Garage Blog We are now screening resumes without name and gender

Every year March 8th rolls around, and the world wakes up to recognise and celebrate the countless women who make the backbone of our social structure. The last couple of years have been quite significant in taking celebrations from just being about the cookies and cupcakes to being about the cognisance of social and workplace gender biases. At Garage Society, we care about the community, and being inclusive is our long term commitment. This one extra day just gives us an excuse to share our thoughts on the subject with you.

icon_hacks_b Created with Sketch. Garage Blog 2020 Top Tech Trends

Written by Aaron Chen (Garage Society) 


Song to set the mood: Technologic by Daft Punk


Editor’s note: In December 2019, Garage Academy hosted a panel discussion for fellow techies to keep up on the latest tech trends featuring tech venture capitalist Furuzonfar Zehni and tech entrepreneur Chris Schrader. In this article, we have curated a summary (with added elaboration and research) of the excerpt we captured from the evening of our panel discussion, which you can view here

icon_hacks_b Created with Sketch. Garage Blog Is There A Winner In This Anti-Coronavirus Battle?

New cases every day, the market slowing down, masks all out of stock and the fear gnawing at you every time you leave the house - The coronavirus outbreak is challenging Hong Kongers every day. This new public health emergency of international concern is a crisis to many of us, but some companies and industries are emerging out of this trial by fire and grasping at the newfound opportunity. 

Continue reading to find out how these companies are making our life under the impact of the outbreak less miserable:

icon_hacks_b Created with Sketch. Garage Blog Google Shopping Ads: How to boost online sales with this format of e-commerce advertisement

Own an e-Commerce business? The current situation presents a golden business opportunity - with more people moving their transaction activities online, it would be unwise not to tap into this opportunity to boost your e-Commerce business.

icon_hacks_b Created with Sketch. Garage Blog 10 Team Building Activities in Hong Kong Your Team Would Love

The mention of team-building activities is very often met with a few eye-rolls and stifled groans. Team building activities, however, are important for companies of all sizes and structures because employees are the most valuable asset of every business. While traditional team building activities often elicit embarrassment than enthusiasm, having them done right, meaning making them fun and engaging can be the most valuable investment you make for your business. Investing in team building activities will not only help employees become more engaged and happier at work, but also nurture a culture of teamwork with greater productivity that could result in the company’s success. With that in mind, we have put together 10 of the fun and exciting team building activities and games – from indoors to outdoors and from large to small scale – that your team would love and want for more! 

icon_hacks_b Created with Sketch. Garage Blog #WorkTheNewWay: 5 Best Practices for Working from Home

This month, as the world continues to partake in what is now becoming the world’s biggest work-from-home experiment, we are left facing some of the greatest enemies known to mankind - procrastination, apathy, and laziness (which we are all guilty at some point in our lives) as we try to be productive in the comfort of our home. 

icon_hacks_b Created with Sketch. Garage Blog Let's Do Lunch: Best Dim Sum in Central District Hong Kong

Looking for the best dim sum in Hong Kong’s Central district? We give you exciting new lunch spots and yum cha deals you can find in the busy neighborhood.

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